about me

Lidia by Ken March19 (web)2.jpg
First and second portraits taken with love by  Ken Buslay .

First and second portraits taken with love by Ken Buslay.


My name is Lidia.

I am a curious being, always eager to discover what’s behind the scenes and to destabilise the social beliefs we have all grown up surrounded by.

I believe that my core inner quality is joy, and I recognise that I am in connection with my true self when I can feel that joy of living.

My creativity got stuck in the art school, where I was overwhelmed by the strong structure I was perceiving and which I really wanted to belong to. That felt like a perfect catalyst to fall deep into my pattern of not feeling good enough, which brought me to feel very lost and far away from myself and therefore to a state of automatic living: not really choosing my life, not really knowing from what place to do it.

I started visiting a humanistic therapist and slowly uncovered myself and my joy again, the state from where to choose my life. I quit my way of living as it was and began reconnecting with my creativity, my spirituality and my self exploration in many ways.

I discovered Zen Coaching in a moment when I had a strong interest in humanistic psychology such as Gestalt Therapy or Art Therapy, which felt like a beautiful synchronicity. By then, I had the pleasure to live in Ängsbacka (a course and festival center focused in personal and spiritual growth located in Sweden), which was a wonderful playground both for myself and for my coaching practise.

Now I can perceive the light we all have inside and would love to follow you while you pull back the curtain and let yourself shine bright.