zen coaching

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what I offer you

I offer you my support in your inner exploration to get in contact with yourself, your truth and therefore your infinite potential. It is a pleasure for me to hold a loving and safe space for you, free of judgement, so you can unfold the layers that are keeping you away from your personal expansion. Those layers are often manifested in the shape of inner judgement, fears, shame, guilt, behaviour patterns, avoiding strategies and social beliefs. I will follow your process into more clarity from presence and empathic listening, guiding you into your present moment, stimulating the expression of your hidden inner voice and challenging your limiting beliefs. We´ll do that through techniques such as meditations, curious questions, guided visualizations and especially by giving space to deeply feel your feelings and body sensations, so they can be processed and you can develop your intuition and awareness, which will keep you in direct contact with your true will.

Any problem is an opportunity to learn and grow.

I warmly invite you to open this door to yourself.




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DETAILS of the sessions

DURATION The coaching sessions last about 45-60 minutes.

LANGUAGE The languages I feel comfortable with are English, Spanish and Catalan.

HOW / PLACE I am happy to offer you sessions through video call or voice call on skype, facebook messenger or whatsapp. We can agree on a physical space if we happen to be geographically nearby.

CONFIDENTIALITY Whatever is expressed in any way during the sessions is totally confidential, so you can feel safe enough to open up.

RESPONSABILITY I believe in your potential and I have deep trust in your truth, that's why no answers or solutions will come from me so I don't interfere in your unique process.

PRICE I invite you to try a free 30 minutes session without any comittment, so you can decide if this type of coaching can work for you.

For the following sessions, the contribution fee is between 20 euro and 50 euro. You choose how much to pay according to your possibilities.


my background 

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training and experience

I have studied Zen Coaching, a humanistic and meditative approach to coaching based on noticing, allowing and fully experiencing the present moment. Through that we can enter our vulnerability and meet our deepest longings, which will show us the path to walk. Heartful empathic listening and inquiry are key in this process of recognition and acceptance of ourselves and our human experience as they are, so we can relax into being truly who we are and relate from this unique authenticity. Zen Coaching integrates a modern way of coaching together with Nonviolent Communication (Marshall B. Rosenberg), mindfulness (Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh) and other approaches to spirituality and psychology such us The Diamond Approach (A.H. Almaas) or the Osho teachings.

Besides my Zen Coaching training, I studied Arts and I have a basic training in Art Therapy. This gives me a lot of curiosity about the visual, expressive and creative ways of exploring oneself.

I have lived for a year in the personal and spiritual development center Ängsbacka (Sweden), which has brought me a beautiful inner exploration and tools that I include in my sessions, in one way or another. There I have worked offering Zen Coaching, both to volunteers and participants.

I am a curious person and I also learn a lot by reading and getting involved myself in diverse inner explorative processes.